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Are you interested in organizing a competition in your area?  You have come to the right place!   Click HERE to learn more about what's involved in organizing a competition. 

You can organize a competition on your own or get support from the Midwest Cubing Association! 
What's the difference? 


Using MCA
  • MCA collects revenue through Stripe 

  • MCA pays major expenses (venue, insurance, etc.)

  • Organizer pays minor expenses and gets reimbursed by MCA

  • MCA pays WCA dues

  • Profit / loss goes into MCA community account 

  • Take advantage of non-profit rates when available

Organizing on your own
  • Organizer collects revenue through Stripe 

  • Organizer pays all expenses (including venue).  Sometimes these expenses must be paid before revenue is collected.

  • Organizer must track all revenue and expenses for tax purposes (may impact personal income)

  • Delegate pays WCA dues

  • Profits are sent back to delegate for further use in local WCA communities

Either way you will follow the World Cube Association Organizer Guidelines, but MCA helps reduce the financial burden on organizers and delegates for local competitions and streamlines the process for you!

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